thanks to Kara Capps for the great pic!
Truly Alive
by Jason Tomlinson

Your goodness still impresses even amazes to this day
I can’t make this stuff up Your favor Your way
leave me in such a place the last place I deserve
You take steps to show Your love You dress down to serve
while I’m still thinking about me myself and I
Your servant leadership comes down from on high
and You show me what Love is without a bit of shaming
You model it professionally and never resort to blaming
I want to get it I want to be true
I absolutely want to forget about myself and lose all of me in You
because You’re reality You are what matters
You are the solid Word crushing all my self-centered chatters
You are good to a degree I can’t compare
You are always available You always care
for us who miss the point much more often than not
the Unchanged Changer who makes the way for those who would otherwise be caught
erase me and write Yourself in I don’t want to survive
only when I’m covered in You will I be truly alive