Landon and Jason Tomlinson – photo by Kara Capps
Head Turning Impression
by Jason Tomlinson

He grew up in a day and it’s not like I wasn’t looking
I was standing in front of the stove to keep an eye on my cooking
but in an instant I turned my head and I guess that wasn’t the plan
and the next thing I knew was that boy had become a young man
and to be honest I like him I like him a lot
his sense of humor his company are worth being caught
I’m impressed with how much I am impressed
my impression is is that he is the best
sign me up to be his fan club’s president
and I’ll toot his horn one hundred percent
it’s a good feeling to watch him grow up before my eyes
but it’s great that he is so committed as one of the good guys
loving others following closely the example of the One
just can’t say enough about my terrific son