Kevin Lawson and Landon Tomlinson
Team Dad
by Jason Tomlinson

It takes more than what I have more than what I can get
if my boy is gonna be a proper man then you can surely bet
that it’s gotta be a team effort or failure is on the way
if all I can do for him is wrapped up in me then I should just shut it down today
and give up but I know something I know something much better
I never intended to do his alone so in this area I’m a go getter
I’ve got Team Dad on my side
men in his life with whom he can ride
across the wide open range of growing up
and I am not the only man showing up
making a difference speaking truth into his soul
reminding him who he belongs to and who is in control
it means the world that he has other men who mentor him as well
he’s already reaped the benefit and I for one can tell
that when his days go dark and everything is bad
he will be well supported by the members of Team Dad