Bring Back the Poetry

Written word and spoken word from Jason Tomlinson

Tomlinson’s Most Wanted

Greatest hits, most valuable poems, stuff I can’t stop doing live, stuff I wrote when I was a teenager, you get the picture. . .

Alliterate Adoration – A poem of praise that goes through the whole alphabet with assonance and alliteration.  It’s been a favorite for a long time!

Consecrate this Dance Floor feat. Hannah Tomlinson – A poem about the fact that dancing with my daughter is a holy and important habit.

Empowered feat. Kevin Lawson – Kevin Lawson is the founder and CEO of Cedarstone Studios and School of Music.  He is extremely humble and ridiculously talented.  I wrote a poem about him and what he does.

Fresh Start feat. Gidget Stewart – This is a poem in tribute to and interview with Gidget Stewart.  She runs the non-profit of the same name and helps people who have found themselves at rock bottom.  Love her!

Grace Tree – This is a poem that I wrote about the first few months that I fell in love with my wife.  It has nostalgia, longing, brokenness and ultimately, hope.

Love’s Story – This is the full gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is the most important poem I have ever written.  It never gets old.

A Marriage Prayer – Perfect for any couple that just got married.

A Prayer for My President – Let’s lift up the Commander in Chief to the Prince of Peace.

The Sad Poem – Some days it is just better not to feel better.

Side by Side (A Tribute to Robin) – This is a poem written from Batman’s perspective.  If Bruce Wayne wrote poetry this is what he might say about the four young men who have been Robin over the years in DC comics.  My most pinned poem on Pinterest of all time!

Turn on the Light feat. Steve Brown – Steve Brown is the executive director of The Hendersonville Samaritan Center

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